Dress Code

1. Clean and proper uniform is compulsory on all working days.

2. Hair of all students must be properly plaited or put up with black band/clips.

3. Gold or silver ornaments are strictly prohibited for the safety of the child.

4. Avoid fancy, costly items or any attractive accessories to school.

Food Habits

1. Only home-cooked nutritious food is allowed to school.

2. Noodles, junk food, bottled juices, bakery products and oily items are strictly prohibited.

3. Kindly send the right quality of lunch for your child.

Attendance & regularity

1. Arrive 5 minutes before the school starts daily. Disciplinary action will be taken in case of habitual late coming.

2. The students should attend their classes with the lessons prepared in advance.

3. Students are expected to complete the class work and homework assignments in time and present it for correction.

4. 75% attendance is compulsory for appearing in all formative & summative examinations.

5. It is necessary to take prior permission in case of leave.

6. Name of the student may be struck of in case of unsatisfactory academic performance or misbehavior.