Student Council

For the post of the school captain the Candidate must be bonafide student for the last three years. Academic performance must be excellent. Candidates must be honest, sincere and dutiful with honesty and dedication He/she should set examples of good behavior devoted to study and faithful to rules of discipline.

Above all he/she must have a good leadership quality :

1) The students council is elected at the beginning of the school year and is made up of the following members : School Captain school vice captain, and class captain. Representative of sports, Drama and other activities are chosen from among them or copped by the council.
2) The Council meets regularly under the chairmanship of the school captain, the Principal attends the meeting.
3) The main purpose of the student council is to help the student experiences responsibility in the maintenance of discipline and running of co-curricular activities.
4) Each class captain is responsible for preparing a weekly class report to be given during the council meeting.